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High DA Dofollow Backlinks 2022

Forum posting site is the community where the new user creates the account and make discussions with members of the forum. Need to create the accounting community then you are able to make the discussion and ask the question and get the answer. If you want to increase the domain authority of your site then forum posting is the best SEO process that can help you to boost the DA. There are many forum sites are available online where you can create a discussion. You can place your question and get the answer from the experts.

Advantages of Forum Posting:-.

Most of the sites auto-approved your discussion.

Most sites are High quality.

Most sites have good traffic.

Get the quality Backlink from profile and post.


Get connected with new users.

Great platform for affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

Disadvantaged of forum posting:-.


You have joined the forum and you are looking to get the quality backlink from the Forum posting its not good thinking. You should to reply all questions correctly and then place your link in your profile. Many times site owners remove the link from the thread.


You have also made sure that your answers will be helpful for him who has placed questions on the thread. Posting replay on such threads that contain the abuse link is harmful for your website ranking. So keep your distance from these types of forum sites.


Does Forum Posting help in improving the website DA?


I have also noticed that forum posting really helps in improving the DA of the blog.

But finding the list of the approved forum submission sites is not an easy thing. You will have started the campaign to find out the high-quality forum sites.

Backlinks you get from forum posting sites is always Do follow, that’s why it helps in boosting the DA of the website.

So many SEO experts have started to use forum posting and forum profile technique to get the link and improve DA.


Niche relevant is also an important thing when you are going to search the forum posting sites, as getting the link from the relevant forum site will be helpful from SEO point of view.

One more thing.

Some digital marketers and blogger use the forum posting to increase DA and if your blog has good DA and traffic then the advertiser can ask you to promote their business on your blog.

Can you get Do-follow Backlinks From Forum Posting sites?

As we know the Dofollow backlink plays a very important role to improve the ranking in Google. But one important thing is how can you get the dofollow link and which seo technique that will help you to earn the quality and Do-follow link.


I handle the SEO for local clients and prefer the forum posting SEO technique to get the Dofollow links to improve my client site ranking.

There are many free forum posting sites available online from where you can get the backlink easily. Check the authority and spamming ratio of the forum submission sites, if you find a high spamming ratio, avoid this type of site and choose the quality and high authority sites.

High authority forum posting sites will keep your newly created thread in moderation and review it. They can make live your thread if your posts match their forum guideline.


Backlink status (Do-follow & No-follow) depends on the site owner. Some forum sites can provide you with a Dofollow backlink for your blog. I would like to recommend the forum posting SEO technique to get the Do-follow and quality link.

Is the Forum Submission SEO technique still working?

Yes, it is still working and will work continue the upcoming time for improving the digital presence. But forum posting will work for you if you use this technique in an ethical way. There are many forum posting sites that allow you to create an account and add the link to the thread.


I think Link from forum posting sites will work to improve the SEO ranking when Your reply on the thread is approved by the admin. So keep the forum posting technique in your top SEO activity and earn the white hat link.


Benefits of Forum Posting for Better Ranking.

Following are the benefits of the forum posting that is our own experience after doing the form posting for my blog.

( 1) Forum Posting Sites help to Drive Traffic to Your website.

As we know the forum posting site is well known as a discussion platform where experts and newbie come together and experts share their knowledge with newbies who is new in blogging and digital marketing.


Forum posting does not only help to give a better solution but also help to drive more traffic to your blog. When someone visits forum threads and found your answer useful then they can visit to your blog through your shared link.


But getting the backlink is not simple for those who are new in SEO and looking to earn the link from forum posting. You will need to follow the experts what they are doing to boost the traffic to their blog from forum posting.

( 2) Boost Website Ranking in SERP.

There are many benefits of forum posting, getting a good ranking on SERP is also possible with forum posting. Form posting sites are online messaging boards that help you to communicate with each other on different topics in different niches.


The benefits of forum posting are not only communicating with each other it also works for you to build a quality backlink for your website that will help you to improve your website ranking. We can also say that your website SEO is not complete without creating the links. But why you will waste your time discussing with other users and giving proper solutions to them, answer is that you will get an important Dofollow link that will post the link juice to your blog.


Getting the link is not super simple, many forum posting sites ask you to minimum 10 reply on forum threads for helping the new users, then you will be eligible to create the link in threads.

Forum Posting FAQs.

Does Forum Posting Technique Help To Promote Local Business?

Yes and No, forum posting sites will not work to promote the local business as it is a discussion platform where people post their problems and experts give the solution for their problems. But some forum sites are designed only for locals then it can work for promoting local business, here you can approach to the audience for making the purchase of products and services.

Does Forum Post Sites is Good Source For Dofollow BackLink?

I will say, Yes. Forum posting is one of the best and effective sources to earn the dofollow link from forum sites. It also depends on the site webmaster that they allow adding Dofollow link or Nofollow link. I make sure that 70% of links from forum sites will be dofollow that works great to make your position on top in Google.


Forum posting works well to improve the website domain authority. Link status also matters more when you want to boost your website DA. A backlink provided by forum posting sites is Dofollow and it passes the link juice for your website that helps to increase the website domain authority and ranking.

Is Forum posting Backlink Permanent?

Your backlink lifetime completely depends on forum sites and you. A backlink that you get by ethical way, I make sure this type link will be live lifetime on forum sites. One thing that you need to keep in your mind is that the forum thread is relevant with your domain. If you reply to an irrelevant post, in this case, link can be removed by the site admin. So I will ask you to do it the proper way and earn the google loved backlink.

Are Forum Sites Really great Platform for Discussion?

Yes, the Forum site is a great platform for discussion. You can join the forum and post your problem and issue in front of an Expert. As far as I know, they will help you to solve your problem. Forum sites also send the notification to you when there is something new on the forum.


So I believe that forum sites are a big platform to solve the issue and also you can earn quality backlink from forum sites. Each forum sites have a guideline that you have to follow to get the natural backlink.

Why is Hard to Earn Link from Forum Posting Technique.


As far as I know, getting the link from the forum posting technique is not an easy task.


There will be easy to register on the forum site, but you think that you can easily get the link then you are thinking wrong,

Some forum posting sites have a very tough guidelines that you will have to keep in your mind before trying to get links from them.


Many forum sites allow you to add links in the forum thread if you have already posted 30 above replies on other threads, they also noticed whether your answer is problem-solving or not.


That’s why getting the link from the forum posting thread is no a simple task.

Can I Get Expert advice on Forum Site?

Yes, Defiantly there are many experts available on forum sites who can give you appropriate advice as per your problem.


I also take help of them to solve the queries related to digital marketing and SEO. They will never ignore your queries if they have a complete solution to your problem.


So feel free contact to experts on forum sites to get the right solution to your problem. Join forum sites that belong to your niche and post your queries on forum sites.

How Much Time Forum Sites Take to Approve Your Comment.

Every forum sites have their guideline to approve the reply posted on the thread. But as far as I know, Forum sites take 2 to 3 days to make live your comment on the thread.


Approval of comment also depend on many things such as your account age, membership plan and your fame on forum sites.


Sometime, your comment can be ignored by admin if you are not following the guideline, stuffing the link with anchor in reply, it can be big reason to not accepting the reply on thread by admin.

Should I Create the Link in Forum Thread?


No and Never, adding the link in forum post is not good technique to get the backlink from forum sites. They can accept your link in forum post if you have solved the queries on forum thread by giving the proper answer.


Each forum sites has differ guideline of making the link live in forum thread. If you have above 10 replies on forum sites, in this case they can allow to create the link in forum thread.

How I Can Find High Quality Dofollow Forum Submission Sites list.


Finding the quality forum posting sites is not easy thing to create the quality backlink. But, there are some technique that you can use to find the forum posting sites.


Most of bloggers keep the list of forum posting sites on their blog, so that newbie blogger can get benefits of these sites to create the quality link and get some advice from top bloggers.


You can also use the forum posting search queries to search the high DA forum posting sites list to make the backlink. But, as far as I know, you will need much more time to search the free forum sites through this technique.

Does Forum Profile Backlink help to Improve Ranking.


Yes, Link from forum profile also work for you to improve the ranking in SERP. Sometime many forum sites don’t allow to create the link on thread, in this situation, You will have to look toward the forum profile link that will also be beneficial for ranking purpose. In profile creation, you will be asked to fill up the general information about your business.

Does Forum Posting Technique Help to Drive More Traffic?


I will say, Yes. Forum posting is still an effective SEO technique to drive traffic to your blog. But, driving traffic on a blog is not super simple.


For this, you will have to create a thread and reply to relevant posts. When someone visits a forum site and finds your useful reply on a thread, then they can think of visiting your blog through your link.

Can I find Quality Forum Posting Sites through SEO Tools?


Yes, You can find the free forum posting sites by using the SEO tools such as Majestic and Semrush. Firstly, You need to find out your competitor in the Search engine result page of Google, then analyze the competitor. There are more possibilities of getting more forum submission sites that allow you to create the thread.


These SEO tools also allow you to find the relevant website. If you have one forum site and it is working for you then you can use the SEO tools to find similar forum posting sites of this site.


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